2 trackers at the same time possible?

  • I use H2N (for shortdeck) and PT4 (for zoom).

    What is the best way to use these 2 trackers at the same time?
    If H2N imports the hands from pokerstars handhistory and moves them to archive, is it possible for PT4 to read them? So I import the HH for PT4 from the H2N archive.

    Or what is the best option for this issue?

    Thx in advance.

  • Global Moderator

    Hand2Note supports zoom tables.

    At the moment, you need to run StarsHelper for zoom tables.

    HUD in zoom works on the latest version of Hand2Note and Pokerstars with the following order of launching programs:

    Room as Admin
    Starshelper or StarsCaption as Admin

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