iPoker hud and tracker doesn't work

  • Hi, I can't get HN2 work on the ipoker network. The hud appears on the tables, but without any stats, neither do the hands appear in the database. I have already configured the folder where the hand history is saved correctly so I don't know what else it could be. Thank you

  • Hi,

    Update the program to the latest version.

    alt text

    Maybe you incorrectly added the auto import path.

    alt text

  • @gt-hud I have the last version and antivirus exceptions. Any idea?

  • @gt-hud About the automatic import path, I doubt that it is the error since I have the same in Poker tracker 4 and this track correctly the hands.

  • every time I feel like switching to their software and leave behind other softwares I see that it is highly unstable in the rooms where I play. It's a shame since I think your software is superior in many aspects

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