Won without showdown/red line being miscalculated?

  • Everyone in my database in short deck is losing massively in pots without showdown (red line on the graph). What is going on? My understanding of this stat is that it should be a ~0 sum stat (minus rake).

  • Why do you think it's a 0 sum stat? It's only a 0 sum stat in hu poker, in ringgames population is obviously losing in non showdown and winning in showdown, even more though in games with high antes like shortdeck.

    In every hand that reaches a showdown, 1 player will generate showdown winnings, 1 (or more) will generate showdown losses, but everyone else at the table who didn't get to showdown will generate non showdown losses.

  • Thanks that clears up some of my confusion. I'm looking for the best way to compare players non-showdown results in a way that would be helpful for profiling purposes but I'm not sure how to do that. I could look at red lines after filtering for pots that didnt reach showdown perhaps, or maybe I'd be better off trying to get something out of aggression stats. Do either of those things make sense? Any other ideas?

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