How useless is the new pokerbros multitabling feature???

  • Idk if mine is buggy for some reason or if that is really how you intended it to work, if it's the latter I really don't understand why you even bothered programming this feature.

    With 2 tables open what should happen is that the hud changes every time the second I switch from one table to the other.

    But it doesn't, the hud is always the same on both tables and changes every time a new hand starts, doesn't even matter which table is active at any given moment. For example I'm on table 1, a new hand starts, hud is correct and without ever switching to table 2, if a new hand stats on table 2 while hand on table 1 is ongoing, the hud I see for table 1 switches to the players sitting on table 2.

    Another big problem is, no hands are written when 2 tables are open.

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  • No offense, but I really hate these kind of replies. Not getting into at all what has been said, but just posting useless links. Do you seriously think I don't know how to update a software?

    My point is that your update obviously hasnt been tested before publishing and simply doesnt work at all. Pokerbros support was bad before and is way way way worse now.

    I havent seen a single person posting anywhere that version works on pokerbros, neither in the telegram channel, nor in the 2+2 pokerbros thread nor here. But strangly in all 3 places players complain that the hud is broken since the update.

    Quite frankly your product is by far the worst out there, drivehud supports multitabling since March 6, Elitehud since May, but your customers have to wait till July (fwiw after you announced on telegram on May 21 that it will be supported by the end of May) just to receive a product that's even buggier now than before the update.

    I'm so annoyed that I prepaid h2n for a year and therefore am stuck with it. The least you guys could do is own up to the fact how badly you bungled this update.

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