Issue with some custom stats

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    This is just an example of an issue i am getting with some custon stats.
    This one is the Limp/call on the SB.
    When I test out the stat everything seems fine as you can see on the testing. But when I open a player's stat, I am also getting the limp/raise even though I specifically had "player call;villain raises; player call".
    Any solution on this?


  • Hi, where are you looking at the hand list? can take a more complete screenshot.

    alt text

  • I got that hands when I go on Popup Editor and then click preview.

    Just had to put my mouse over the stat values and got the hands0_1593999350976_Screenshot_1.jpg

  • Hi
    alt text

    alt text

  • i dont think sample size is the issue here since I have 500k+ hands with this alias.

  • But let's say this only happens with some particular hands. F.e. with AKo like on the first post. Is that really affecting the stat's value? or is it just including some other preflop lines for the sake of the analysis?

  • What I meant by that is that I was wondering if the value I am seeing in the Stat (For example- Limp/call SB) is getting changed due to that "lack of sample size" or if the value remains unchanged even though when I put the cursor under the stat it gives me other preflop lines.

  • It would be nice to have some input on this.

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