Trouble w/ H2N and PokerBros - need help pls

  • Hello guys,

    i am pretty new to H2N and using the Trail Version with my own built HUD by Yurij. Can definitely recommend the service if you want to switch from HM/PT to H2N.

    I read the manual and tried to follow the configuration suggestions, i think i install everything right.

    LD Player Version 3.97
    H2N Version
    caple Internet 50MBit Rate

    My HUD shows up really quick but if i close a table the HUD is still showing in the Lobby. If i join a new table the HUD from the table before is showing and not update to new Players. If i close H2N and restart, PokerBros reboot alone after that Operation, HUD Shows up randomly.(sometimes yes, sometimes no)
    Results/HHs also import randomly and definitely not correct , i guess this is the consequence because HUD not work fine.

    Would be cool if anyone has a tip or solution!

    Maybe i have to change something in the configuration in H2N or PokerBros but i am a PC noob and found nothing in Forum.

    Excuse me weird english*-*

    have a nice weekend and good luck!

    greetz Martin

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