Ipoker imported HH problem

  • So i am playing ipoker and noticed today after winning session that my results on H2N are way off, its only showing 59 hands.

    To check that hands are being imported by hand2note i used PT4 to check what hand2note had archived.

    So i manually selected the hand2note archieve folder and imported the hand histories into PT4. There were 227 hands in the hand2note archive fodler that successfully imported into the poker tracker 4 program and showed correct results.

    For some reason your tracker is failing to add the hands into the database. Please help.

  • Hi,

    In Configuration/ Auto Import, you need to specify the folder in which the hand history is saved.

    alt text

  • @gt_hud
    That is all configured.

    Hand2note is importing all the hands and sending them to the archive folder, but its not putting them into the database (read OP).

    Also have all security setting configured / run as admin configured. Its a problem with the way hand2note reads the ipoker hand histories.

    Curious if i would be eligible for some kind of extension on my hand2note / GT hud subscriptions since they are expensive and not working ?

  • Hi, yes, we are ready to renew your subscription.

    alt text

  • gt-hud said:

    Hi, yes, we are ready to renew your subscription.

    alt text

    thanks man - as soon as i get Hand2Note to import correctly from ipoker client i will message you

  • Same problem with me since last ipoker update

  • Potentially fixed after chatting to support yesterday - will test further over next few days. Here is fix to try:

    • Check your ipoker client clock time (located on the client on the bottom for my skin at least)

    • Check the time on your PC - if its any different then go to Hand2Note - Configuration - Rooms and set the hours time difference to match the time on your PC vs iPoker.

    Best of luck

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