"player raises" is showing both raises and calls

  • Hello,
    just got h2n, looks very promising, but when I tried Range Research to see what people reshove around 20bb BB vs BTN open, it just ignores that BB should be raising allin and in the result its showing me hands which BB showed and hands which BB just defended. (the 18-22bb filter works alright and positions BB vs BTN open also work correctly).
    How is this possible?


  • Hi, take a look first at how to create stats correctly in H2N http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/CustomStats/Plain/

    alt text

  • @gt-hud

    I have the stat set up correctly according to that. Its very similar process to making definitions in Notecaddy in which I have a lot of experience.
    It is interesting that it seems like the test function is working properly and it is showing exactly what I want - reshoves.
    But when I rebuild the spot, the result contains both those reshoves, but also a lot of calls, as you can see on my screenshot.



    edit: Just changed it so that opener is now CO instead of BTN to get another sample size and its exactly the same problem. Test function shows only reshoves as intended. But results show both reshoves and calls.

  • oh lol I get it. Green marked hands are the reshoves which I wanted to see and blue hands are calls.

    But why is it showing me the calls? I am not interested in that at all. I just want to see what people reshove.

  • cos this is alternative action... You can change it in option / configuration / preflop diagram

    It is great to see how somebody construct call/3bets in the same diagram - cos you can check weights ( but you need hughe sample)
    For example how BB construct range vs BU open

    As default I dont use it

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