HUD not working on NJ sites

  • Hello,

    Im having issues with my H2N HUD on the playMGM NJ site which is the same as Party Poker NJ, just a different skin. H2N is importing the hands to the database perfectly but the HUD doesn't show on the tables. I have bought Party Caption and that still hasn't fixed the issue. Im able to run PT4 and import and show the HUD on the tables with no problems, but H2N is only importing the hands to the database but no HUD is being shown. Also when I look at the hands being imported on the H2N re player, the HUD that I normally use works perfectly and shows, but for some reason it just won't show on the actual poker table. Can someone please help me to get the HUD working? I would really appreciate it. Thank you and take care!

  • Hi, if you were unable to display the HUD for the tables, then this room is probably not supported.

    alt text

  • So heres an update, I am able to get the HUD working perfectly fine on the Cash game tables of the Party Poker NJ site so we now know that the HUD works on this site and it is in fact a Supported site. But for some reason the HUD does not show for tournament tables for some reason. What could be causing this problem? The HUD shows when playing cash and it shows when looking through the replayer but for some reason it just won't show on the Tournament table. Can anyone please help me to get this issue resolved?

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