Hand2Note will not run after buying license and activating, stuck "connecting to server"

  • Hello,

    I have had Hand2Note installed for several years, but have not had an active license for a while. I just purchased a 1-year license, and then activated Hand2Note with the new license. I tried to check for updates before I activated, and it didn't seem like I needed one, it said none were available.

    After I entered my license and activated, the app said that I had to restart Hand2Note. After restarting, Hand2Note will not run and it is just stuck forever on the screen that says "Connecting to Server..."

    I am on Windows 10. Not using a VPN.

    Please help me to get this fixed, thank you.


  • Hi


    alt text

  • Hello,

    I got it to work after reinstalling.

    Thank you

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