PT4 (no HUD) and H2N (HUD) simultaneously

  • I want to to keep tracking my hands with PT4 but want to use H2N as a HUD.

    How can I config both so both tools keep tracking the hands?

    Is it enough to use H2N > config > auto import > Auto import from side trackers DB > selecting PT4 db ?

    Do I need to change sth in PT4 too?

    I dont want hands to get lost.


  • Global Moderator

    Adjust auto import from side tracker's database PokerTracker 4 (PT):

    a) in Configuration -> Auto Import enable "Auto import from side tracker's database"
    b) select your working database of HM or PT. Hand2Note will import hands from this database instead of taking it from folders of auto import.
    c) ensure that you started HM/PT while playing at the tables and activated the selected database in it.

  • Ty this seems to work.

    Should I remove the auto import folders in h2n to be sure h2n takes it from pt4 db?

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