Custom PT4 HUD to H2N, which are the stats?

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    I struggle to find the corresponding stats in H2N.

    Can anyone help me? Ty

    The 3rd row are positional RFIs (EP, MP, CO, BTN, SB)

    I could find most of the stats but I dont know how to find:

    • Live Amt BB (Stack size in BB)
    • WSD%

    And what is the difference between 'open raise' and 'open raise [Total]' ?

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    1.) You can create all necessary stats with our Stats Editor:

    Creating custom poker statistics

    Besides, you can find many examples of default stats for our default HUDs and Popups in Stats Editor.

    2.) You can add Stack size, Effective stack size and Effective stack size vs. Hero's stack size in your HUD(Popup) by right-clicking in the HUD(Popup) editor:

    alt text

    3.) Please also take a look at our guide:

    Expression Stats

    4.) If you need private training, please take a look at the following guide:

  • I realized I could just insert the stats with right click in the hud editor instead of drag and drop from the list on the left side.

    Now I try to create the expression stat:

    Won At SD after R bet:
    WonHandAtSDCases(River Bet) / WentToSDCases(Preflop any action) * 100

    But after clicking verify I get an error.
    How to do it?

    So I want a stat which shows how often a player won at SD after he bet on the river. It doesn't need to be a cbet/barrel. Just any R bet.

    How about
    Bet River & Won ?

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    You can not substitute any plain stat name from syntax examples in a function.

    You can use only names of some previously built plain stats as arguments to functions.

    For example, if you have built the "River Bet" stat then you can use this stat for your expressions.

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