FishsPoker/UUpoker issue

  • Hi i play on pokerfishs for a couple of years without any problem (losse like 5-10% of the hands but works relatively well). But now Fishs poker update the soft to UUPoker. Is exactly the same soft except for one thing: Now have the anticollusion sistem to hide deal cards till your turn is near. 
    Now H2N only track the hands that are not Hide at the beggining (usually UTG and MP hands). I hope you can fix this soon. Thanks!

  • Global Moderator

    We have forwarded the issue to our development team for investigation.

  • I have the same problem using H2N on UUpoker,and,H2N didn't work or stop working even before fishpoker update to UUpoker. now it just unbearable. I really wish this problem got fixed soon.

  • Having the same issue, was working with minimal hand loss before update to UUpoker

  • Hi there. More than 40 days waiting for a solution for this simple thing but nothing happens. I´m paying a yearly subscription to use chinesse app (and is not cheap at all compared with other popular softwares) and i can´t use the product properly. Only hands on UTG and CO are tracked because of the hide card anticollusion thing so i can´t even analice my game. But no one do anything here. Hope you guys can solve it soon

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