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  • Hello,

    If I create a stat that seeks how often player calls a single raise, I just add actions

    Villain raises
    Player calls

    Now if any player calls in between, or raises in between, H2N will not count player's call. This stat will not aggregate multiway pots, for instant.

    I wish there would be a feature allowing "any call" or "any raise" to avoid creating horrible stats that would implement all actions possibilities before/after raise like "raise-call-call-raise-call", limp-limp-raise-call-call" etc. etc.

    That could be a "any action" action bouton near to the other "player raises" etc.

    Or any other way to do it, like an checkbox on the right for action "player raises" that would be "allow all further actions" and another that would be "allow all previous actions".

  • preflop is easy...

    Postflop XR in mutiway 4+ is horrible to create....

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