Can't see "last hands" in my menu

  • I find that there is a "last hands" option in h2n menu on the table, but when I was playing , I found my menu doesn't have that . And after looking into configs still didn't find how to make it shown.

    Please help me with that problem.
    the site I was playing is PokerKingAsia (with EliteHUD)

    pic from h2n manual:
    0_1596483258971_h2n menu.png

    pic from my h2n:
    0_1596483288289_my menu.png

  • I think I sometimes have it and sometimes dont. Dunno why. Maybe based on site?

    and similar thing is this.Its supposed to show all hands played, wit h showdown toggle, but looking at it in replayer it doesnt show anything, not a single hand for anyone. But I remember when playing on Stars it would show some hands. Why is it not showing now?


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