Knockout filter

  • Can you add option to recognize knockout and non-knockout tournaments?
    Add filter so that some stat is only gathered in knockouts and some only in non-knockouts.
    Also add option to see if tournament was knockout in "Hand View".

    I am surprised why is this feature missing. Imagine you are looking at some raise/calls against reshoves and someone raise/calls T7s for 18bb. It immediately looks horrible, but what if it was a bounty tournament? It might be correct there. So this is extremely important information.

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    Hand2Note 4 with an advanced reporting system is already under development:

    Hand2Note 4 announcement

  • Nothing about knockout filters being part of that. Also its almost one year old post.

  • Good suggestion.

    Also add PKO/KO in game types so we can separate the stats from ther regular tournements.

    Would be great.

  • I add myself in the pool of who ask to create a filter for KO and non-KO.

    What sounds strange to me is that in reports the split is done, but in the rest of the software it is not.

    It's very important for MTT players to split between KO and non-KO especially for reshove situation

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