stat with generated popup for little different stat?

  • Here is my problem:
    I would like to make MTT stat SB limp/shove against BB izo.
    For this stat to have reasonable value I obviously should limit the effective stacksize, otherwise it would just show low numbers for players who just happened to play a lot of 100bb deep BvB spots.
    So lets say I would limit it to 12-40bb effective.
    But sometimes someone goes crazy and limpshoves for 60bb. And I would very much like to see the hand he did it with in the automated generated popup. But its not going to be there, because the stat itself is limited to 40bb max.
    So I would like to see value of the reasonably filtered 12-40bb stat, but see unfiltered popup.

    And there are many similar spots. If I have 3bet shove from BTN, its going to be limited to eff stack around 30bb for it to show reasonable value, but if someone reshoves 50bb, I would like to see that in popup.

    Is there any smart workaround for this?

  • Hi

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