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  • Guys please could someone advise as to why PP is still not on the supported list. I understand it was struck off when party stopped producing HH however they brought them back a while back now and still nothing has been done about it.

    You can import HH manually but the winnings/EV count is off and for some reason a select few hands it wont accept.

    I've read a previous post from the mod saying it may be fixed in the future but they dont have the terms. What is it exactly you are waiting for? The HH files are ready to go and this is one of the main poker sites out there.


  • Global Moderator

    I can't give you an exact ETA.

    But you can follow the updates in the bottom right corner of hand2note (Click on "updates" to see the updates history). Also, we have a news channel in Telegram:

    and Discord:

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