Unsupported game (Badugi) on Pokerstars read as NLH by H2N

  • Hi,

    I play Badugi on Pokerstars while I'm playing other games. I don't care that Badugi isn't supported. The problem is, h2n looks at Badugi as if it's NLH. This is incorrect. I can't look at the session stats while I'm playing because of this - the session stats are completely inaccurate. Can Badugi be correctly ignored by the program?

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    I can't reproduce the problem.
    Please make sure you have updated Hand2Note up to the latest version and try again:

  • @keepcalm I just downloaded H2N for the first time on this computer yesterday. It's version


    This is while only playing Badugi.

    (Also, as a separate issue, as you can see from the hand history file, the time shown in H2N is incorrect compared to the time on Pokerstars. Both my computer and Pokerstars are set to JST)

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    1.) Try to enable the Aurora engine in PokerStars settings.

    2.) Check Time Zone Shift settings for your room in Configuration->Rooms

  • I was able to fix the time issue with the time shift setting. Thank you.

    As for Badugi - I was already using the Aurora engine. I tried turning the Aurora engine off to see if that made a difference. The problem with Badugi still persisted, so I turned it back on. I also encountered a similar problem while playing 8-game - H2N looks at Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball Limit as No Limit Hold 'em. Shouldn't something like 8-game be disabled entirely anyway since not all games are supported?

    As a side note, for these games, H2N is not grabbing every hand. That might be why you didn't see the issue.

  • http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/SupportedRooms/

    alt text

  • @gt-hud If you had read any of what I wrote, I am not expecting these games to be supported. The problem is that they mess up the stats for other games because they are being read as games that they are not. This messes up my overall stats and makes some features of the program absolutely useless. Logically, if those games are unsupported, the program shouldn't be looking at those hand histories at all.

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