Can't fix the HUD and have to arrange

  • Hi guys,

    I play on IPN and my problem is, I arrange my HUD at my tables and all other pop-ups like Callopen etc click on block moving HUD and the next day I start a new session all HUDs and pop-ups are messed up like I didn't arrange them before....
    So is there any save button or another option to keep HUD arranged?
    Thx for the help


  • Global Moderator

    Please note that if your HUD consists of many different panels with different display conditions, then you need to place all these panels (as they appear) in the correct places by mouse. Only after that, they will appear where it is necessary.

  • nope, it just randomly breaks down after some time and changes all positions.
    What is even the point of the Configurator/Rooms/Preferred Seats when whatever you input in gets ignores anyway?

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