Disabling hotkeys GTHUD

  • Is there a way to select multiple cells and apply the same hotkey? I've tried clicking in Mass apply and mass replace but it didn't work. Had to do it individually for all the cells.

    And is there a way to disable the hotkeys from the reports (F3), sessions (F4), etc?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • The new hotkeys are working now. But the original hotkeys became unusable. They don't work while trying to write notes

  • So you can still use he hotkeys to the "F1,F2,..." This will solve your problem

  • yes, those hotkeys are working fine now. My problem is that the original hotkeys from the hud (B,A,Z,X,S,C) are unusable and I don't know why. When I am trying to write notes on stars those 6 letters don't work even though the hotkeys assigned are the F1,F2,F3...

    I've also noticed the same issue on winamax. There I have hotkeys aswell (using A, S and D letters) on the software and It must be in conflict or something.

  • Do you know what can I do to solve that?

  • Check all your HUDs and Configurator=>Game Types . May be these hotkeys are assigned somewhere.

  • I almost got it right. Deleted all the huds besides the one i want to use. Looked in every cell for those keys in conflit but I still have 2 letters that i can't use (Q+S).

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    All poker rooms you should run as administrator.

  • I've always did that.

  • Can you guys tell me if the mozgolom hud has anysort of hotkeys? Or is it just the GThud? Because I can't seem to find the source of the "Q" and "S" hotkey conflit.

  • You'll have to ask the HUD authors directly for the specific details of the package.

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