H2N Crashes

  • Everytime I use H2N I am able to use every feature but as soon as I open up the configuration tab, it freezes for about a second or two and then it crashes and closes. I've tried all options to remedy the problem, I even went as far as deleting everything off my computer and factory resetting it to its standard default settings. After going through the whole process of redownloading everything and re-setting up my computer the way I once had it before I factory reset it... Once i redownloaded the software the same problem was arising. Please help me get this resolved? I can't even really use the software if I can't get into the configuration portion. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Please, please, please help me get this fixed!!!!

  • Please, provide us with the additional information.

    1. What version of Hand2Note have you installed?
    2. What poker room are you currently playing at?
    3. What kind of poker do you play at this poker room?
    4. Have you added some commercial HUD package in your Config?

  • Hi have you tried running H2N on another PC?

    alt text

  • Here are the answers to the questions ya'll have asked.

    1. H2N
    2. I currently play on PokerstarsNJ, and Americas Card Room
    3. I play low limit cash games and some tournaments
    4. Yes I have added the the "GT New Simple Cash Game HUD" , also the "Death Star 6 Max Cash Game HUD", also the "Venom Cash Game HUD" package

    No this computer is the only computer that I have ever installed H2N on. I recently had to factory reset my computer to see if this would clear the issue but outside of re-downloading H2N on this computer again.... then no I haven't downloaded it on another device. Hope all this info helps!

  • try to cut alll filter definitions from config/filter definition
    / paste in other place

    turn on h2n / go to configure - save all options you need

    turn off h2n / paste back all filter definitions....

    This is normall BUG ( I report it 1 year ago....) It is caused cos you use too much filter definitions...

    yes 1 year and nobody fix it....

  • Try to check that issue on default config after Hand2Note reinstall - https://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Troubleshooting/Reinstallation/
    Yes, most of the times it happens on big packages and that issue should be fixed in Hand2Note 4

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