Migrating from HEM3 - ipoker hands are not imported

  • I downloaded trial and I am trying to switch from HEM3, but ipoker hands wont import.

    I tried to export hands from HEM3 and import folder, only PS and PAC hands are imported.

    I tried to import HEM3 archive folder, still only PS and PAC hands - no ipoker.

    I don't know if there are trial limitations and that is why ipoker won't import, but I would like like to become customer when I know that everything works.

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    What version of Hand2Note have you installed?

  • Version
    Downloaded straight from the site

  • It is issue with HM, they change ipoker hands to different format and Hand2Note can't import it. Right now there is no any fix for that issue, but hands when you start playing with Hand2Note on ipoker will work properly.

  • Hi, try to order a handhistory from the poker room support.

    alt text

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