Range research not importing all my hands?

  • I import 2.5million hand database to hand2note.
    When I import into range research it says I have imported 14.5kk hands. What does this mean?
    What is kk?

  • example
    HERO play 1 hand 6max table with 6 players at the begining of hand

    so there was 1 HERO + 5 other players

    So 1 hand you played in range research give you 5 hands... cos there was 5 players [ HERO is excluded from range research as player.... sometimes when you use few HERO ( few pokerrooms ) h2n dont exclude some HERO nicks... ]

    so if you use no filters in range research ~there will be all hands * number of players [ sometimes at the table is less players than 6 in 6max tables ]

    k = 1000 hands
    kk = 1 milion hands

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