Database corupted and low Building Stats speed !

  • for the last month it s practically impossible to build my database in h2n ! After the last update when imported some hands database corupted message shows up! I tried everything ! Reinstalled H2n as adviced on the site ! Restarted computer reinstalled h2n , new database same problem ! I start importing hands from folder than the speed for building statistics is between 200 and 300h/s and while building stats H2n stop working and database corupted after restart ! reinstaled my windows and all again same problem when building stats software crush! Im not using computer when importing and sleep computer is off!![alt text](0_1601368193736_specs.jpg image url)

  • bad news for you...

    I reported it few times that H2N isnt compatibible with server processors ( my experience with XEON processors )

    I have never tested with Ryzen Threadripper but I am pretty sure it is the same problem like above with XEON processors

    H2n at server processors has big problem with hughe databases during importing hands .... and never finish saveing in range research

    FIX IT cos I lost few clients cos of this issue !!!!!!

  • @plusEVqba so it cand be fixed or not solutions ? please !

  • Try to disable Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) on an AMD CPU in BIOS of your PC.

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