H2N Main window - No stats calculated for hero in report

  • Hello,

    After importing my database, when I double click on my screen name in the main window to access the report, no stats are showing, whereas they are actually calculated for every single other player in the database:

    0_1601728326023_no stats.PNG

    However it manages to generate my graph:


    The hands come from PT4. I have exported the database from the tracker, and then imported them into H2N from a folder.

    Yesterday I've spoken to Artem in the chat, who says PT4 might have changed the HH format and therefore causing this issue.

    Here's a HH directly from Pokerstars:
    0_1601728804861_ps hh.PNG

    Here's a HH from a PT4 export:
    0_1601728831598_pt4 export hh.PNG

    Unless I am missing something, both of these HH formats are identical, which means this shouldn't be the cause of my problem, not to mention that if the software manages to calculate stats for all other players in the database, this would make no sense.

    As an EDGE monthly subscriber, thank you in advance for your help,

  • Thank you very much, works perfectly.


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