currency change error

  • i was played pokertime about half year, and h2n always setting the RMB be my main currency

    recently i switch to play PokerBros, and i try to set the main currency to USD

    and change the reports, sessions setting to USD too

    but it shows strange data...

    first, the SIGN still RMB like this picture

    and the data numbers are all wrong, like this picture
    in 10/12 i lose 3.12 USD, but it shows -0.47
    in 10/11 i win 15.02 USD, but it shows -2.27


    and if i change main currency to RMB, this session report will become the right NUMBER, but Wrong currency like this picture

    i do lose 3.12 USD in 10/12, but it shows lose 3.12 RMB
    i do win 15.02 USD in 10/11, but it shows win 15.02 RMB

    how to fix this? or change setting?

    please help, thank you

  • Global Moderator

    1. You can see only the original currency in Hand View format
    2. Try to adjust the exchange rate.

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