How can I see session by day ?

  • I can only see reports and session with filters. How can i see all day session combined into one so I know my daily result like in holdem manager ?

  • You could see it in Reports (F3).

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    How? I see only session by stakes by position,graph.. I do not use sessions by days or sessions by months ?

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    Can I have simple daily report like this ?

  • You can find sessions in session tab (F4) , but the only filter you can set - time filter.

  • lol. I know that obviously. So just tell me there is no option to see sessions for day or for month in simple way like in holdem manager. Hope you guys will include it in the future. It is a super basic thing and I think also very important for many pros

  • You can set time range with that button 0_1603546471640_upload-7c7c9aa7-c38d-4535-8d93-e194be9c1e0c

  • I know dude. But i still can not see daily session next to each other or monthly session so I can easily compare my results. Ok thx anyway. I hope it will be implemented in the future. For now I am still using holdem manager to track my results and hand2note for in play HUD. That seems like best combination

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