"H" icon disspeared only at pokerstars

  • my "H" icon is dissapeard but only on pokerstars table. and on replayer of hands only for pokerstars HH aswell.
    i read a trouble shoot and deleted the HudDeltas.cg since i read that helps. i didnt help.
    i disabled aurora theme.
    what can i try aswell?
    thanks for the help

  • "H" i mean the general menu button appearing on the table. i can see all the huds and move them. simply the "H" is missing. i really need it though since i want to "mark hands". is there another way to "mark last hand"?

  • What H2N version do you use?
    First of all, check your Auto Import:
    ensure that in the poker room client you enable option responsible for saving hand histories on a hard drive.
    set English language interface in the client
    in Configuration -> Auto Import add the folder where your poker client saves hand histories. In the settings of poker client you may check where it saves hand histories.
    ensure you have selected English language for Hand History in poker room client

    ​Then reboot your PC and try again.

  • Hi, also try reinstalling H2N.

    alt text

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