hud not working properly

  • Hey guys RECENTLY CHANGED from starshelper to Starscaption.
    BUt nomatter which tool I run, even without any of those two tools,the HU hud does not appear, when im 2 handed. also the 3 handed hud freezes. I have an expired license.Anyone has the issues and knows the soultion? PLease help!
    thx in advance MaM

  • Try to follow this guide and check that issue without any additional software.

  • I'm having the same issues since Pokerstars made Aurora mandatory.

    Resetting Gametype and rebuilding stats did not help.

  • configure Auto Import:

    1. ensure that in the poker room client you enable option responsible for saving hand histories on a hard drive.
    2. set English language interface in the client
    3. in Configuration -> Auto Import add the folder where your poker client saves hand histories. In the settings of poker client you may check where it saves hand histories.
    4. ensure you have selected English language for Hand History in poker room client

  • I got the same problem since I moved to starscaption. I know the other 2 guys and we all are using h2n combined with starshelper for a while now. We made the transition to starscaption because of the aurora engine. At least 6 or 7 people I know got the same problem. Your solutions doesnt work so far. So you have another idea why one table works perfect and the other(s) doenst?

  • Make sure that SH or SC are not sending any information to Hand2Note. There are options to disable it in the settings.

    Also we're receiving reports about HUD not switching correctly from 3-max to HU at the table, is that the problem that you're having? If so, this is a known issue and our development team is already investigating it.

  • Thank you, ValS.

    I did not try turning off H2N integration in Starscaption, but will do that later and report back.

    We have two problems.
    First the one you mentioned, that the HUD is not switching from 3-max to HU. Second that the HUD get's "stuck" after the first hand of the tournament and will not update any stats. The list of "last hands" under the little "H" button will also only show the very first hand. This state stays for the rest of the tournament.

    Both problems do not occur on every tournament but very often.

    I also think it has something to do with the Pokerstars Aurora graphics engine which they made mandatory for most/all players a couple of days ago. (We were using the old graphics engine before that) The second problem did not occur with the old graphics engine. The first a lot less often.

  • You need to wait for internal module update, it is almost ready

  • Great, thank you!

  • can you give us some information when the bug will be fixed?

  • Hecke1988 said:

    can you give us some information when the bug will be fixed?

    We can't tell you exactly when, but must be ready in a few days.

  • thank you, we are looking forward to it

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