TANK MDA Proffesional packages for CASH and MTT

  • I want to introduce few of mine products

    1 HUDs - for Cash / Cash with straddel / MTT

    • tank HUD for cash
    • few different HUDs + 10 popups
      alt text
      alt text
    • tank MTT HUD
    • 1 HUD but with all information you need for MTT +20popups
      alt text

    2 Professional set for ANALYSIS

    • TANK MDA for cash
      Best popups to analyse playerpool tendencies

      • number of popups - 80
      • 11 for PREFLOP
      • 69 for POSTFLOP
      • 20k stats definitions
      • 2.9k expression stats
        alt text
        alt text
    • TANK MDA - lines for cash
      Product designed fot SH and FR players who want to do range researches in easy way [ more complex researches than in normal MDA]

      • lines segregated by sizeing used at F T R
      • 27 textures
      • easy check which lines are OVERBLUFFED and UNDERBLUFFED
      • easy to find bottom CATCHER vs playerpool tendencies at any textures
        alt text
    • TANK MDA for MTT

    • TANK MDA for straddle

    I can also create almost all type of H2N tool - if you need more info pls contact with me
    skype: plusev_qba
    discord: plusEVqba #0006
    email plusevqba@gmail.com

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