HUD not showing on CAP cash games @ STARS

  • Hi guys, Im new to h2n, so my hud is wiorking on zoom, reg cash tables, tourneys, but not appearing on CAP games, any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

  • Sorry guys same thing, did everything as in the link step by step, same thin shows on zoom not showing on CAP 0_1605002418522_rsz_img_20201110_115014.jpg

  • Hello!

    We have reproduced the problem and have forwarded it to our development team. CAP will be fixed in the next update.

  • Hi guys so when will the update be ready? I need it for CAP games, without HUD not easy :)

  • Hello! There is no ETA yet

  • oh, and one more thing, as you can see some of the stats are not showing - mostly the ones that are beggining with "My" - any idea how to fix this?
    Or ycould you suggest me a nice hud and popup that works in the stars that has:
    preflop 3bet from every position vs every position
    fold to 4bet ip/oop
    4bet in any pos vs any pos
    limp/fold limp/reraise
    cbet ip/oop
    fold to cbet ip/oop
    those are the main stats
    please can you suggest me any hud and popups that have these stats for cash game?

  • and also fold to 3bet

  • Are these your own custom stats that show "--" or are they from a purchased package? Make sure you have the stat files installed correctly in the Hand2Note\Config\Filters folder and that you have active license for the package if it's the commercial HUD.

    If these are your own stats, make sure the settings are correct and they all return hands during the test in stats editor. Check that game types are correct and you have enough sample size for them. Rebuild stats again as shown in the linked instructions above

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