Exclude Hero's hands in range research

  • I've created a popup in range research with preflop stats, but now I want to see reg's stats.
    The problem is that I am a reg so range research returns also my hands in the result.

    How to exclude my hands without re-creating whole popup with the filter "is not hero"?

  • The hero is excluded from Range Research automatically. If not, then it seems like your H2N doesn't recognize a hero.

    Do the following steps:

    1. Delete your nickname in Configurator -> Rooms.
    2. Create a new Database in Configurator -> Database.
    3. Load your own hand history first.
    4. Load data mining hands.

  • So it is not possible to use range research for hero?

    For that purpose I've created an alias with my nicknames and then I've created a report in which I select my alias (under 'General').

    Is this approach wrong?

  • Global Moderator

    To see your own stats you should find Hero in the main window of Hand2Note and open the popup by double click on the Hero's nickname.

  • yeah that's right, but the popup i have created in RR is not available in the main H2N page (in which there is the list of all players available).

    How to "migrate" a popup created in RR to the main page of H2n?

  • Open popup editor in RR, copy tab and paste it to your main popup:


  • so can you confirm that it is not possible to use already made popups in RR?

  • Hi, you can use a popup for RR, which is specified in Game types.

    alt text

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