Very old hands in range research

  • I have cleared/rebuilt stats for last 12 mounth, but when I run range research, only very old hands are returned (eg 60 70 mounth ago).

    Is the clear/build stats filter working for range research? if i want newer hands returned, do I have to purge my DB? If yes, how to do that?

  • Have you rebuilt the Range Research report after rebuilding the stats? The 12 months filter should work for Range Research . There is no way to delete hands from database. If the filter doesn't work for you, then the only way is to create a new Database in Configuration ->Database.

  • maybe I was worng because I cleared/rebuilt selecting 12 mounth only?

    now I have cleared all time and just rebuilding 12 mounth...let's see what will happen

  • ok, i have cleared/built stats with 12-mounths options, than have rebuilt RR, but previous hands still in the results.

    I need a new DB

  • Found a workaround to use hands of the time interval I want: import from folder with 'for all time' selected

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