how can i use H2N on PartyPoker?

  • hy i am chris from Austria,

    i realy wanna use your software instead of Pockertracker and HM3,
    but how can i see players name at the Handreviews instead of myself (hero) and opponents (Player1,2,3,4,.....)

    does this happens due to its a demo/free version or is it due to PartyPoker shut down uesing tracking software!

    And is it possible to get a direct inpunt form PartyPoker, cause at the moment i have to export my hands from

    Export Hands - can choose only the last 40 days (as a .txt file) -
    then import as File into H2N

    there are no tournamnet Names no Player name at the Handreview the Hud also (cant) work.

    Could u help me wit those topics then i am glad to buy the full version.


  • Global Moderator

    Hand2Note doesn't support PartyPoker:

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