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  • Hi everyone, in the last days I asked few questions about specific tasks I want to make with H2N. Answers were great, thanks everyone, but some problems along the way arose so I think it's better to describe all my situation, my purposes and then get suggestions from who wants to help me :)

    I have approximately 1.3M hands where I am hero, divided in 6 accounts:
    1x pokerstars
    1x partypoker
    1x pacific (888)
    3x ipoker

    This sample of hands starts in 2015.

    Then I have 1M hands in which some friends of mine are hero. This sample starts at the beginning of the year (2020).

    All hands (2.3M) are stored in HM2 DB and of course I have also the .txt version of all.

    I have 2 purposes:

    I want to use this sample to study how the field plays. So, it's important to:

    • not have my 6 accounts in the results of Range Research (and possibly but not necessarily also hands played by my friends)
    • have recently played hands (last 12 mounths is ok)

    I want to use this sample to study how I play and find situations in which I am not that winning. So, it's important to:

    • not have my friends' hands in results
    • have recently played hands (last 12 mounths is ok)

    At this point, I am NOT interested in how field plays against me.

    Consider also that multiple DBs configuration is possible, since with the current one I have several problems with results. So imagine it's the first time you use H2N and you have to organize all from zero.

    Last but not least, I have created some complex popups in range research. So consider that it's also important to not lose this.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Hi!
    A few things to clarify from the start: Hero hands are always automatically excluded from Range Research.
    In regards to that, if you have mixed up your own hands and your friends' hands played as Hero, it's recommended to use 2 separate databases for accuracy of your own results in RR.

    Now if you want your friends' hands also excluded from field study in RR, you can just import all of your hands at once and if your friend there is considered a Hero, his hands won't be included in the report.

    To analyze your own stats you don't need RR at all. Simply add all of your Hero nicknames to one alias in Configuration -> Aliases and then open this alias popup in the main window. The same applies to Reports\Sessions, simply select your alias there.

  • ValS said:

    Hero hands are always automatically excluded from Range Research.

    Are you talking about hands played as hero (so also my friends' hands) or you mean that hands played by nickname specified in Configuration > Rooms > Hero's Nickname are excluded?

    For what I see, I can say that hands played as hero ARE in the RR (my friends' hand) results, while hands played by specified nicknames in configurator ARE NOT (my hands).

    Is it correct or there is something wrong with my H2N?

  • So if what I've written above is right, there is no possibility for me to exclude all my 3 ipoker accounts because in configurator is possible to specify only 1 nickname per room.


  • Anyway, thank you very much for your answer :)

  • Global Moderator

    If you do not specify the HERO in Configuration->Rooms, then it will be determined from the hand history.

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