hands/s slowly going down when building stats

  • Hello!

    I'm running H2N on a threadripper 3970x, with 256gb of RAM and pure NVME ssd (2tb), and am trying to build stats for a database of around 120gb on a postgresql database (custom).
    The process always starts at around 650 hands/s. It then slowly dwindles all the way to less than 100 hands/s. The database has 60M hands so.... It'd take forever. I'm trying to figure out what is happening.
    Oh, ram usage only goes up. It got to a point of using all 256gb of ram and around 450gb of pagefile on the ssd!
    Would you know what could be the reason?


  • Please try to disable/enable Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) on an AMD CPU in BIOS of your PC.

  • Thank you very much for the fast reply!

    I will still try to disable SMT. I'd already read in this forum that it might help for AMD processors.
    However, I think it would be interesting to note, for other users in the future, that reducing the number of calculated stats results in a building process that holds its speed without a hitch. Also, ram usage is very much under control, peaking in the beginning at around 25gb, but maintaining 4~8gb during the rest of the process.

    TLDR: If you can, reduce the number of stats calculated for a reliable and stable build process.

    I will comment later with results of disabling SMT! Thank you again for the help!

  • There are some general tips to improve performance while building stats in Hand2Note.

    1. Use fresh clean database with the most relevant hands, perform maintenance oftenwith pgAdmin3.exe or create new databases as needed.
    2. Clean your Config. Delete all unused and irrelevant HUD and popup profiles from your config. Check your active popup profiles and delete the least relevant stats and tabs.
    3. Perform stat maintenance in Configuration -> Other options -> Maintenance. This will delete all unused or corrupted stats from your config.

    The fewer there are stats and popups for Hand2Note to process, the faster and smoother stats building will go.

  • Hi, the number of added bet sizes in Configuration / Popup on stats / Bet sizings also greatly affects the speed of building statistics.

    alt text

  • sad but TRUE ... better to use normal computer then SERVER...
    This is redicilous this ISSUE isnt stil fixed.... I reported it 1 year AGO !!!!

    TR should work 5-10 times faster then normal Ryzen processor... but you do not anything with optimalization

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