Mass clone for expression stats

  • Hi,

    I create a popup in RR for analizing 4bet of the field, filtered by position vs position and by effective deepness.

    Well, the problem is that of course the plain stat is the 4bet frequency, not 4bet range. I can have the 4bet range by defining an expression stat. The problem is that I have something like 200 plain stats, so cost/benefits of writing down by hand 200 expression stats is worthless.

    I ask you to create a mass clone feature also for expression stat so it's possible to have a range stat for spot in which player is acting for the 3rd time in the street. Eg:

    • 4bet range
    • call vs 3bet range
    • call vs reshove range


  • no way to do that :)

  • Right now it is not possible, but maybe we will add that feature in future updates.

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