Average bet sizes

  • Is there a way to define a stat that calculates the player pool's average size for a bet or raise?

    For example, Player raises first in from some position. I would like to make a stat for use in Range Research that tells me the player pool's average open size from that position.

    Average bet sizes (Cbets, float bets, and probe bets on flop, turn, river) in single-raised, 3B and 4B pots are also interesting, as are average raise sizes expressed as a multiples of the bet the Player is facing.

    Can such stats be defined?

  • Global Moderator

    You can customize bet sizing separation in Configuration -> Popup on stat -> Bet Sizing for each type of a bet:

    Stat Info popup customization

    Also you can customize bet sizing in Stats Editor:
    alt text

    Bet Sizing tab allows you to set on options for a distinct stat similar to options in Configuration -> Popup on stat -> Bet Sizing. The difference is that options specified in editor will affect only a single stat despite options in configuration affect all stats at once. Bet sizing options defines the separation of a stat's value by bet sizings and will be shown in additional popup on a stat.

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