H2N not recording the economic results well

  • The software records that i made a 2nd in a MTT, but then it says that the result is -2€, the tournament entry.
    Im using the free version at Winamax.
    The archive's route is correct:
    C:\Users"Username"\OneDrive\Documents\Winamax Poker\accounts"Username Room"\history
    What its doing is like if I've played a MTT but just the FT, it always happens when i arrive to FT, I've made 4 FTs last month, and just one is well recorded, and i think thats imported from PT4.
    Im thinking about buying the software, but as it is i cant, thats a great bug, i love the customization of HUD and stats.
    You should try to do another thing imo, like other huds, when you open other window over the tables, the hud is on top, it should be linked to table windows.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Hi, http://forum.hand2note.com/topic/2010/online-support

    alt text

  • Hello, Winamax doesn't provide tournament results in the hand history files, so tournament results could be incorrect.

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