Hands Importing, but HUD not showing up on table

  • Hello,

    I have H2N edge. I set up my auto-import folders and I am using Ace Poker Solutions Card Catcher to use a HUD on Bovada (Ignition). This pulls the hands in IPoker format. This setup works fine to run a HUD on PT4 or HM3.

    I have created a very basic HUD with only 4 stats, and set up an MTT game type to use this HUD in H2N configuration.

    While I am playing, I can see the hands are importing into H2N, and the "Hands played" count goes up every hand, but the HUD does not show up on the table.

    How can I resolve this to get my HUD showing up on the table in H2N?


  • I had this issue after first set up. I had pulled hands across from my old HM2 and thought imports would continue. It turned out I had not configured 'auto import' correctly. It needs you to add the folder to which your site sends its hand historys (not the HEM or PT4 archive).

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    Hand2Note doesn't support this room. Try to enable option "Enable HUD with hand history converters" in Configuration -> HUD
    If it doesn't help contact your converter's support

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