• Had tryed Hand2NoteAPI from here (github)

    Unfortunately, tests here seems are out of date. Most classes from h2napi.hpp and h2napi.h are different names, members, types etc.
    I had check github repository history, but no result. Seems tests was incorect from the wery begining (timeflask committed on 29 Jan 2019). But anyway they were helpfull to understand the idea of api.

    Here is minimum sample code (simple winapi): http://nefton.ru/H2N_API_TEST_main.cpp

    If we see to the Hand2Note log: http://nefton.ru/H2N_sample_log.txt

    Hand2Note got sample hand, but produce an error:
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Had tryed many variants + study logs while pokerstars HUD, but no results with hud.

    ps. Adding H2N hand by hand history works fine from api.
    pps. Have free license on this PC (may be this matter for hud api)
    (but static api works fine for pokerstars here, even in observe mode)

  • Update. Had buy license PRO, all works now.

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