H2N Reports show wrong "Net Won"

  • Hey,

    my H2N is showing the wrong "Net Won" reports. I already looked through several forum posts here to fix it, but it still doesnt work.

    Any thoughts on what is wrong here?

    Here is the configuration and the difference between "net won" according to h2n and real net winning on sharkscope.






    Hopefully someone can fix this with me! and happy 2021!

  • Hi, just try to rebuild the statistics.

    alt text

  • i already tried it. and i also reinstalled h2n compledly

  • I have exactly the same problem, the software shows -1$ but it was only a ticket from Pokerstars and not real money.

  • You need to have both Hand History and Tournament Summaries folder in Hand2Note - Configuration - Autoimport. If now you have incorrect results - you need to request Hand History and Tournament Summaries from pokerstars support and import them to Hand2Note.

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