Connecting to server

  • Since today i cannot connect to the server on H2n
    it was working perfectly 3-4days agos

    i using this Hand2NoteInstaller (because i use a
    specific hud and he only working on this versions)

    i have try all of this step

    Check your internet connection
    Install all the latest Windows updates
    Disable antivirus
    Reboot the router
    Make sure you run Hand2Note as administrator

    i also try on the pc of my roomate he have the same problem

    the latest version of h2n dosent start too

  • Older versions of H2N connect to a different server from the new ones, there is currently an issue with connection. It's being fixed at the moment

  • Hello, I'm in the same situation

    Do you use it normally today :)

  • @ValS Hi~ o( ̄▽ ̄)ブ,I also used the same version. It was normal the day before yesterday. Is it the server problem today?

  • Yes, we have fixed it about 7 hours ago.

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