Historical hands don't import with custom HUD

  • I was using Hand2Note to play Short Deck on Stars starting around June 2020. I played roughly ~70k hands.

    Last week, I bought a custom HUD (https://sixplusholdem.com/6-plus-short-deck-hud-hand2note/). The HUD did not register or import those ~70k hands. However it does import and update the HUD for all hands that I've played ever since purchasing the custom HUD.

    Is there a reason it doesn't want to register the older hands? Is there a filter somewhere I should check/uncheck?

    I saved a backup of the ~70K hands before I installed the custom HUD. I've tried manually importing the hands from the backup folder several times. As expected, H2N tells me that it's ~70K duplicates. Is there somewhere I can copy the backup so it updates the custom HUD.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you have some problems with third-party HUD, you should contact developers firstly.

    They will help you to configure the package properly.

  • I have reached out to their devs. They've looked into it and can't figure it out. Now that we don't know what to do, they've sent me here.

    Do you have any ideas what could be causing this?

  • Make sure that your older hands and new hands are recognized as the same game type, same limit, table and room. Try following these instructions: https://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Troubleshooting/HUDIsNotBeingUpdated/

    Also check if the issue repeats on other HUD profiles, for example on the default one. If default works fine, then the problem is in your custom HUD package.

  • My historical hands issue is resolved now. Clear Stats > Build Stats. This was a part of the instructions the custom HUD provided and I'm 99% sure I did so. But I guess I had to do it again, and it worked.


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