trouble with GT hud

  • so generally the GT HUD works, the problem is the video tutorial on how to use it is in russian, do they have an english version of this tutorial, i want the what i assume was DYNAMIC hud which i got, but theres dozens of other huds included in it and i cant figure out which one to select undeR POPUP and HUD, theres dynamic and adaptive etc. which ones do i select? cuz everytime i change it i have to reload millions of hands for the build. also where can i see cold call 3 bet and 4 bet ranges, and things like this, im very confsued about how to find certain things because theres no english tutorial, or am i missing it? if you had a 30 minute tutorial for englushb speaking people im sure many more would buy this, but forpeople like me who are english speakers its needed. please address these questions thanks otherwise its great, but i really need to learn all the options!
    also about the huds i need the 6 max hud that changes for each street, sorry forgot to mention 6 max CASH nl

    also whats the difference between DYNAMIC and adaptive hud, which is better? which should i be using? im on a site that allows both
    under popup i see GT HOME ADAPTIVE POPUP in hand2note as well as GT ADAPTIVE POPUP and others, which do i select? same for HUD
    and under hud i see theres so many, and the ones in the tutorial it says to select, are different then this package says, so im very confused.

  • You should contact GT HUD authors for more details on the specific HUD\Popup profiles and their use cases.

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