Need help with range research database

  • I have imported two different poker rooms on hand2note

    However when I try to do range research for only one of the rooms hand2note keeps using all the hands from both rooms.

    How do I isolate and only use one room? I tried making an alias but that didnt seem to work. I even tried selecting the specific room in the range research filter but that also didnt work.

    Please help.

  • Please show your filters on screenshot.
    You could create new databae and import hands from one room only.

  • Okay cool that worked, thankyou, but now I have a new problem haha.
    Im trying to do a player pool analysis and when Im running filters, for example I want to see how often the pool is x/folding the flop, the result of the filter is only showing how often hero is x/folding the flop.
    How can I fix so it shows how often player pool is folding.

  • Im talking about the "custom report stats" In the range research page.

  • Hi, in RangeRasearch the Hero should be excluded.

    alt text

  • @gt-hud So youre saying none of my hands will be present? The software automatically excludes them?

    Maybe I got confused because the hand replayer when I test a stat shows a hero.

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