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  • I think there is problem or bug :

    1. I create my custom profile HUD by copying "def Advanced HUD" and rename it.
    2. I setup position of my custom HUD at table.
    3. When i switch profile to "def Advanced HUD" - the position of HUD at this profile changed also.

    It implicates another problem with replayer :

    1. Positions of players boxes in replayer are different with many pokerrooms.
    2. When i change HUD positions of my custom HUD in replayer it changes positions at game table also.
    3. So... i must have two profiles - one to replayer and one to poker room. But copying profiles and renames it simply dont work.

    Only profile that seems work ok is "default". HUD positions of this profile and my custom profile/or "def Advanced HUD" profile works independet replayer<-->pokerroom

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    alt text

  • Great ! Thank you !

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