Doubts About Calculation Speed

  • Hello, i have a Ryzen 3950x, 64gb RAM, with SSD 5000/4400 mb/s.

    1- Does SSD Speed helps on anything? Can i move my DB to a HD witouth losing too much performance?

    2 - My pc is using only 24% cpu to calculate statistics (3080 h/s), but when i try to calculate 1 more pop-up it goes to 90% and calculation speed decreases severely. What can be happening?

    3- Im almost sure i didnt gain too much of performance comparing to my older I7 4790 with is way worse than my Ryzen 3950x, is H2N Capped on speed?

    1. Right now you won't receive any speed increase, but can't say for sure about it after Hand2Note 4 release.
    2. Different popups have different number of stats, that's why calculation speed could be different.
    3. Yes, Hand2Note 3 can't use all your cores, but it should be changed in Hand2Note 4.

  • Hi,

    Also, the speed depends on the settings of additional bet-sizes, the more there are the lower the speed

    alt text

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