HUD not working with PokerStars

  • Hi. WIth new PokerStars' update H2N stopped working. Any solutions? Backup files doesnt work this time (PokerStars requires to restart softwarte after all).

  • You need to roll back Pokerstars client :

    1. Go to PokerStars installation directory (Usually it is located at C:/Program Files (x86)/PokerStars)
    2. Go to backup folder
    3. Select all the files by pressing CTRL + A
    4. Copy all the files you’ve selected by pressing CTRL + C
    5. Go back to PokerStars folder
    6. Paste all the files by pressing CTRL + V, select "Replace files in destination folder"
    7. Run PokerStars using PokerStars.exe file from PokerStars folder (Not via the standard shortcut on the desktop, otherwise the client will be updated again)

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